KAW 2023 – 6th to 9th July

We are delighted to introduce the proposed theme for our 2023 arts weekend festival.

The selkie in Irish folklore is often regarded as a mermaid or a seal woman. A selkie is a marine legend that tells of people who are half fish, and half-human. In the water, they are seals, but on land, they shed their skin and take on human form.

We will take this idea of shape shifting and skin shedding and explore themes from a female experience, from the perspective of women’s ever-changing roles in society and how it relates to creativity and the arts.

A secondary but related theme concerns fruits from the sea and reflects Kinsale’s long standing place as an historic port and fishing town and culinary capital of Ireland.

The decision to adopt a themed approach, will we believe, give the festival a cohesion and unique voice.

Artists Invited

We seek now to invite artists to consider these rich themes encompassing Selkie, ocean and sea fruits across disciplines including (but not limited to);

Theatre, Poetry, Visual Arts, Literature, Discussions, Music, Dance

Proposals should be forwarded to Kinsaleartsweekend@gmail.com

Video highlights from past Festivals

Get Involved

Like every year, a huge amount of coordinating effort is required from the local community and as always, we welcome everyone who wishes to contribute to the festival organization or to participate in it.

Please contact us on kinsaleartsweekend@gmail.com