KAW 2021

I would like to welcome you all to Kinsale Arts Weekend 2021. It’s been a tough year for everyone. Once again, our team of volunteers have had to dig deep to produce such a vibrant, inclusive celebration of the arts, in very challenging circumstances. I recently read that ‘Everyone is grieving, and, for a moment, art seems trivial. But we need the caring and beauty that is found in the making of all of the arts, now more than ever.’

With that in mind, we are in the second year of hosting events at our drive-in outdoor theatre. The combination of ‘drive-in’ while enjoying live events on stage allows us the flexibility to adhere to the highest level of Covid-19 restrictions required.

Developing artistic partnerships is central to the work of KAW and we are delighted to announce that we will collaborate with Irish National Opera and present their new opera film The Lighthouse by Peter Maxwell Davies. We are also delighted to collaborate with one of the original founders of an Arts Festival in Kinsale over 40 years ago, Alannah Hopkin. A Q&A will take place with Alannah on her recently published book A Very Strange Man.

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Like Alannah, Kinsale attracts many artists who chose to call the town home. Our theatre events include many of those resident professionals who found themselves struggling because of the pandemic. Other highlights include the bard John Spillane and singer/songwriter Lorraine Nash at the Drive-in at Saile.

The visual arts won’t be neglected. This year, in the context of the global pandemic, we invited our artists to consider the theme of The Year Earth Changed, which is the title of the David Attenborough documentary on the positive transformational effects of lockdown on nature. We hope that Attenborough’s potent and powerful message for change will prove an inspiration for the arts and also for how we live our lives.

We are continuing to encourage the creativity of Kinsale’s children, the artists of the future, with some very special children’s events taking place in the Bowling Green. Thank you to all of those who are working hard to make this happen for the children of Kinsale.
We plan on enjoying this year’s events and we hope that you will too. Thank you to everyone who made KAW 2021 a reality and who continue to support the arts.

Best wishes,
Anna Mulcahy,
Kinsale Arts Weekend Chairperson

If you’d like to get involved you can email us at kinsaleartsweekend@gmail.com

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KAW Programme 2021

The aim of the Arts Weekend is to provide an inclusive, exciting and diverse range of artistic events across different constituents of the arts including theatre, music, comedy, visual art, crafts, dance, literature, film and children’s events. The festival will showcase both new and established artists from Kinsale’s wide creative pool and also feature renowned artists from a national and international arena.

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Get Involved

Would you like to get involved? We are looking for creators across different constituents of the arts including theatre, music, comedy, visual art, crafts, dance, literature, film and children’s events. Email kinsaleartsweekend@gmail.com if you would like to take part in this years festival.

We are also looking for volunteers and festival ambassadors. Please email kinsaleartsweekend@gmail.com to see how you can get involved.